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Literature: Websites for Lit Crit

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Website Evaluation

Have you seen the cartoon showing a dog sitting at a computer monitor? 

The message:  anyone can post anything they want on the Web!

This is a weaknesses and a strength.  It is a strength because the Internet allows everyone to have a voice and it supports the democratic principle of free speech. At the same time, this is a weakness because it means people without qualifications, without knowledge can post information on the Internet. The burden for website evaluation rests with you, the user.

Explore these websites for more information on evaluating websites:

Evaluating Web Pages
(UC Berkeley)

Good, the Bad & the Ugly

ICYouSee: T is for Thinking
(Ithica College)

British & World Literature

Google Scholar

Locate scholarly sources using Google Scholar.  Note: not all items will be full-text.  Contact Osterlin Library for help obtaining materials.

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