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Sociology, Social Work, and Social Welfare

Suggested resources for Introduction to Sociology, Social Work, and Social Welfare classes


NoodleTools citation tool logoNoodleTools is a citation management tool that the library subscribes to for all NMC users. It offers simple step-by-step guidance through the process of citing and annotating sources, and creating works cited or bibliography pages.


Getting started with NoodleTools requires setting up an account.  This account is separate from your NMC Username and ID, though you can use those if you wish.  Once you have an account, the software allows you to create and manage multiple lists of sources for different classes and assignments. These projects will remain accessible to you throughout your time at NMC.

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You can learn more about NoodleTools by viewing their Instructional Videos or visiting the NoodleTools Help Website.

Citation Examples in APA (American Psychological Association) Style

There are two types of citing in APA: in-text citations and reference citations.  In-text citations refer to when a writer uses information from a source (book, article, website) either as a quote or a paraphrase in their paper.  Reference citations refer to the cites which appear in your paper's Works Cited list, the full citation of the material cited.

Here are the basic elements of a citation:

  • Book:  Author, Date Published, Title, Place of Publication, Name of Publisher.
  • Journal: Author, Date of Publication, Title of Article, Title of Journal, DOI Number (replaces web address and database name).

Example of a Direct Quotation (in-text citation) 

While group work offers many advantages in nursing care, there are drawbacks for some participants, "Further impediments to client participation may be a perceived lack of privacy in large groups, and limited time for personal discussion" (Newcombe & Gledstone, 2003, p. 31).

Example of a Paraphrase (in-text citation)

While group work offers many advantages in nursing care, there are drawbacks for some participants. Large groups can be viewed as lacking privacy and they also offer fewer opportunities for personal discussion (Newcombe & Gledstone, 2003).

Reference Citation Example (using article cited above)

Newcombe, T. & Gledstone, P. (2003). Implementing groupwork in primary care to meet  

     client need. Nursing Times, 99(27), 30-33.

Reference Citation Example (electronic resource)

American College Health Association. (2005).  Meningitis on campus. Retrieved

     January 16, 2009 from


All of the details are important with APA.  Note how only the author's last name and first initial is used as well as how titles are in italics. For more examples, consult the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (see box to left).