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NMC Archives

About the Archives

Archives exist to make their collections available to people, but differ from libraries in both the types of materials they hold, and the way materials are accessed.

  • Types of Materials: Archives can hold both published and unpublished materials, and those materials can be in any format. Some examples are manuscripts, letters, photographs, moving image and sound materials, artwork, books, diaries, artifacts, and the digital equivalents of all of these things. Materials in an archives are often unique, specialized, or rare objects, meaning very few of them exist in the world, or they are the only ones of their kind.
  • Access to Materials: Since materials in archival collections are unique, the people (archivists) in charge of caring for those materials strive to preserve them for use today, and for future generations of researchers.

-from The Society of American Archivists

Northwestern Michigan College Archives 

Statement of Purpose or Mission Statement

The Northwestern Michigan College Archives is charged with the responsibility of collecting, organizing, describing, preserving and making available for research and reference use of those official College records and those ancillary records of the College community of sufficient historical, legal, fiscal, and/or administrative value to warrant permanent preservation.

The Northwestern Michigan College Archives strives to provide adequate facilities for the retention and preservation of official college records and to promote knowledge and understanding of the origins, aims, programs, and goals of the College. It provides information services that will assist the operation of the College in addition to serving research and scholarship by making available and encouraging use of its collection by members of the College and community at large. 

Types of Materials We Welcome for the Archives

  • College publications (catalogs, bulletins, schedules, directories, commencement and convocation programs).
  • Student and student organizations' records and publications (honors theses, newspapers, magazines, yearbooks, handbooks, etc.).
  • Historic photographs of NMC.
  • Alumni publications and papers.
  • Board of Trustees (minutes, reports, and other papers).
  • Unofficial college records with historical value, e.g. scrapbooks, and photos of college events.

Al Shumsky working in the archives.

Jackie Shinner, Sarah Boven, and Joelle Hannert in the archives.