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Sociology, Social Work, and Social Welfare: Social Work/Welfare

Suggested resources for Introduction to Sociology, Social Work, and Social Welfare classes

Finding a Topic

Getting started with a topic can be the hardest part of an assignment.  Try the following resources to find something that is interesting to you.

Finding Public Opinion

Finding Credible Research

Scholarly Article Checklist

Characteristics of a scholarly journal article to help you identify them.

♦  Written by experts
authors credentials/biographical information is in the article.

♦  Abstract
 there is often an abstract at the beginning of the article explaining the basic findings reported. 

Specialized Content
: usually long in length, containing specialized vocabulary and reporting original research.

there is always a bibliography, footnotes or a works cited at the end of the article. 

Assignment help for SWK 221

Some Books at the Osterlin Library

poverty book

Poverty, Battered Women, and Work in U.S. Public Policy, by Lisa Brush.  HV 6626.2 .B78 2011