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Religion and Philosophy: PHL 121 Western Religions

Library resources for philosophy and religion classes at Northwestern Michigan College

Finding Books in the Library

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You can search the library catalog here:

Books on religion and philosophy are in the "B" section of the library:

  • Subclass BF – Psychology (includes Witchcraft, Occult Studies, Parapsychology, etc.)
  • Subclass BL – Religions, Mythology, Rationalism
  • Subclass BM – Judaism
  • Subclass BP – Islam, Bahaism, Theosophy, etc.
  • Subclass BQ – Buddhism
  • Subclass BR – Christianity
  • Subclass BS – The Bible
  • Subclass BT – Doctrinal theology
  • Subclass BV – Practical Theology
  • Subclass BX – Christian Denominations

Current Events

Current Periodicals

Popular magazines often address the ethical issues of modern life. Browse these sites for ideas and different viewpoints.


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Statistics from the Pew Trust

The Pew Research Center’s Religion & Public Life Project conducts surveys, demographic studies and other social science research to examine a wide range of issues concerning religion and society in the United States and around the world.

Religion Links

Check Your Sources

Online Resources

Search for reference books:

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Spirit Matters

Interviews with teachers and scholars and spiritual leaders.

Religious Organizations

     American Academy of Religion                          Parliament of the World's Religions


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