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Geography of the United States and Canada: Welcome


Welcome to Geography of the United States and Canada.

Welcome to Spring Semester 2016! 

This Libguide is a resource to compliment the Textbook, provide updates to class material, and keep track of homework that is assigned throughout the semester. Tabs will appear above as the semester progresses. These tabs will correspond to the sections in the textbook. 


12-Jan Introduction: Moving Towards Sustainability
14-Jan Chapter One: Regions & EcoRegions
19-Jan Chapter Two: Nonhuman World
21-Jan Chapter Three & Four: Sustainability
26-Jan Exam One
28-Jan Chapter 5: Canadian Corridor
2-Feb Chapter 6: North Atlantic
4-Feb Chapter 7: Megalopolis
9-Feb Chapter 8: Appalachia
11-Feb Exam Two
16-Feb Chapter 10: Florida
18-Feb Chapter 11: Gulf Coast
23-Feb Chapter 12: The Ozarks
1-Mar Exam Three
3-Mar Chapter 13: The Midwest
8-Mar Chapter 13: The Midwest (cont)
10-Mar Chapter 14: Great Plains and Canadian Prairie
15-Mar Chapter 15: The Rocky Mountains
17-Mar (No Class)
24-Mar Exam Four
29-Mar Spring Break
31-Mar Spring Break
5-Apr Chapter 16: Intermontane
7-Apr Chapter 17: Pacific Northwest
12-Apr Chapter 18: Alaska...
14-Apr Chapter 20: Hawaii
19-Apr Exam Five
26-Apr Final Exam


Northwestern Michigan College (NMC) Library Research Guide on Geography

by Gary Howe is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.