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Free and Open Textbooks: Learn More

Information for students about the Open Textbooks movement

Are Textbooks More Expensive than They Used to Be?

Yes!  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, textbook prices have increased 1,041% since 1977.  That's more than three times the rate of inflation.  



Open Education Week

Nicole Allen from Student PIRG explains open textbooks and how students are working with their colleges to lower the cost of higher education.

Introduction to Open Education

Open Educational Resources Can Be . . . . .

Rising Cost of Textbooks

An excellent summary of what is wrong with the textbook market and the potential impact of using open textbooks.  Published in February of 2015, this paper by Ethan Senack of the Student Public Interest Research Group, this report "reviews data collected from five different campus-based pilot programs that encouraged faculty to replace the traditional textbook for their course with openly licensed educational resources (OER) and open textbooks."


The College Textbook Shakedown