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Free and Open Textbooks: Take Action

Information for students about the Open Textbooks movement

What Can You Do?

  • Talk to your Student Government Association about ways to support free textbooks at NMC.
  • Talk to your club or service organization about sponsoring an event to call attention to textbook alternatives.
  • Call or email Governor Snyder and your reps in the Michigan legislature and tell them you want them to develop a state program to encourage the adoption of OER.
  • Talk to your instructors about the cost of textbooks and low-cost alternatives.
  • Contact Tina or Joelle at the library about starting a student group to promote free textbooks. 
  • Sign a Statement of Support for the use of Open Textbooks at NMC.
  • Thank your teachers!  If one of your NMC instructors is using free or low-cost textbooks, let them know how much your appreciate it by writing them a thank you note or sending them an email.
  • Download the Free the Textbook owl logo below and use it to make a t-shirt, poster, sticker, or button!  (Just like open textbooks, the logo is licensed under Creative Commons and is free for anyone to reuse, remix, and distribute!)

OER Manifesto

Manifesto for OER” by Charlene Houwleing, Lane Community College Graphic Design Student (poster design), Sandy Brown-Jensen, Lane Community College Instructor (copy remixer), and Clackamas Community College (Original Manifesto) is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.

Student PIRGS Campaign Materials

The Student Public Interest Research Groups have resources to help student groups raise awareness and support the use of open textbooks.

Student Advocacy for Open Textbooks

Student PIRGs (Public Interest Research Groups) work to tackle pressing issues, including affordable textbooks.