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Free and Open Textbooks: Welcome!

Information for students about the Open Textbooks movement

How Do Expensive Textbooks Affect Learning?

In 2016, Florida's State Distance Learning Commission surveyed 20,000 college and university students to find out how textbook costs were affecting their learning.  Here's what they found:

In your academic career, has the cost of required textbooks caused you to: 
66.6%: Not purchase the required textbook
47.6%: Take fewer courses
45.5%: Not register for a specific course
37.6%: Earn a poor grade
26.1%: Drop a course
19.8%: Fail a course

Take the Survey!

Take the Student Public Interest Research Groups survey and add your textbook experience to their data.

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Open Educational Resources @ NMC

Textbooks Don't Have to Be Expensive!

Open educational resources are materials for teaching and learning--like textbooks, lesson plans, question banks, workbooks--that are licensed under Creative Commons so that anyone can reuse, revise, remix, and redistribute them freely.  The internet makes it easy to share information.  Instructors can adopt open textbooks and students can download them for free.  Explore the links on this LibGuide and learn how you can support the OER movement!

OER Pilot Project at NMC

The following NMC instructors are part of the Open Educational Resources Pilot Project and will teach these Fall 2015 courses using free and open materials:

LISA BLACKFORD  SWK 121 - Introduction to Social Work

TOM GORDON  HST 112 - U.S. History from 1875

GARY HOWE  GEO 109 - World Regional Geography

MARILYN JAQUISH  BUS 231 - Professional Communications

DEBORAH MENCHACA  MFG 111 - Math for Manufacturing

SUSAN ODGERS  PSY 225 (Spring 2016) - Human Sexuality

DEB PHARO  MTH 120 - Mathematical Explorations

ELIZABETH SONNABEND  MKT 241 (Spring 2016) - Principles of Advertising

BRIAN SWEENEY  PSY 105 - Physics of the World Around Us

SARAH WANGLER  ENG 111 - English Composition

OER Fact Sheet for NMC Students

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