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Faculty Services and Resources: Library Reserves

List of services the Library provides to faculty.

Helping NMC Students Save on Textbooks

The cost of textbooks has risen 1,041% since 1977. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)   If you have an extra copy of a textbook that you could lend us, we will put it on reserve for in-library use.  This enables your students to keep up with their assignments at the beginning of the semester when they may be waiting for their financial aid or on books they have ordered online.  Or they may be able to read all of their assignments in the library and not have to purchase the book at all. 

For information on the growing movement toward free and open textbooks, see the OER LibGuide.

What's on Reserve?

You can search reserve materials by course number or instructor name.  

Search Course Reserves. 


Library materials and personal copies of items may be placed on reserve for students.

It will take us 24 hours to have materials ready for students to check out.

We review our reserves each Fall and Spring semester. If you wish materials to be left on reserve for the next semester, please indicate so on the Reserve Request form. If we don't hear from you, we will return the items at the end of the semester.

Putting a Book on Reserve


  • Complete a Reserve form. The form is also available at the Service Desk in the library.

  • Attach the form(s) to the material(s) you want on reserve. You are welcome to drop off the materials at the library, or use an Interoffice mailer. 

  • If Educational Media Technologies (EMT) has a video you wish to put on reserve, please contact EMT 995-1075. They will provide the library with a copy for the reserve shelf. Or you can ask them about their Films-On-Demand database.



  • Contact the Library at or call 995-1540

  • Provide the name of publication and article, author, publication date and volume and Issue number, if possible.

  • We will check our databases for electronic access and notify you of the status of the article's availability.

@ Copyright. We take it seriously.

 Compliance with current copyright law must be assured. If only one copy of an article is reproduced (reproduction must be within the limits defined by "fair use" requirements), the item may be placed on reserve. The source of item (article) must be cited clearly on the first page.

Copyright Guidelines

For information about copyright law and how it pertains to educational materials, consult these brochures or the copyright page on the Teaching @ NMC website.

Reserves Librarian

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Fair Use Best Practices