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Compass Test: Math Test

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What is the COMPASS Math Test?

The Compass Math Test is a multiple-choice test used to evaluate a student's math abilities and basic skills in the following areas:



  • Mean, median, and mode
  • Fractions, decimals, and percentages
  • Integers, exponents, square roots, and scientific notation


  • Basic operations/factoring polynomials
  • Setting up equations and substitution
  • Linear equations with one or two variables
  • Radicals and rational expressions

College Algebra

  • Matrices (basic operations, equations, and determinants)
  • Arithmetic and geometric sequences and series
  • Functions and complex numbers


  • Angles (complementary, supplementary, adjacent, and vertical)
  • Rectangles (area and perimeter)
  • Triangles (area, perimeter, and Pythagorean theorem)
  • Circles (area, arcs, perimeter, etc.)
  • Three-dimensional concepts
  • Hybrid and composite shapes


  • Special angles (multiples of 30 and 45 degrees)
  • Trigonometric identities and functions
  • Trigonometric equations and inequalities
  • Right-triangle trigonometry
  • Graphs of trigonometric functions

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