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Citations: NoodleTools (Citation Builder)

NoodleBib-Citation Generator for MLA, APA and Chicago Styles (Not ASA).

NoodleBib is a subscription citation software provided to NMC users.  A citation generator, NoodleBib formats citations in the correct bibliographic format (APA, MLA, or Chicago).  NoodleBib takes the guess work out of developing your Works Cited list.  It does require you to input the correct information and through a series of questions, helps ensure you enter all the data needed to create your citations. 

Getting started with NoodleBib requires setting up an account.  This account is separate from your NMC User Name and ID, though you can use those if you wish.  Once you have an account, the software allows you to create multiple lists (ones for separate classes and assignments).  Additionally, the lists you create in NoodleBib are permanent and remain in the software as long as you remain at NMC.

Problems using NoodleBib? Need Help?

Contact an Osterlin Librarian. If you forget your log-in information, contact a librarians as they are able to reset your NoodleBib account. 

View the NoodleBib Instructional Videos:

Visit the NoodleBib Help Website for more information and resources.

Introduction to NoodleBib (Instructional Video)

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