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PLS 233 US Foreign Policy since 1945: Lesson 11 Terrorism & 9/11

This guide has the syllabus resources for Mr. Jack D. Segal's class US Foreign Policy since 1945.

Required Reading

Additional Reading

Lesson 11: Terrorism, Fundamentalism and 9/11:  What do they want?
Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Israel  

The Persian puzzle : the conflict between Iran and America
Available in the Library
E183.8 .I55 P58 2004
A great source for the history between our two countries.  Note the repeated interventions by the US and Britain (p. 40-71 in particular). 

Perfect soldiers : the hijackers : who they were, why they did it
Available in the Library
HV6431 .M33 2005

Terry McDermott  attempts to explain how Saudi men living relatively-comfortable lives became suicidal terrorists.  It also provides a historical backdrop for the 9/11 events.  Read particularly Appendix C (Bin Laden's 1996 Declaration of War Against the Americans...(p. 253-65).


9 / 11 attacks (caution)