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PLS 233 US Foreign Policy since 1945: Lesson 5 Cold War/US Power

This guide has the syllabus resources for Mr. Jack D. Segal's class US Foreign Policy since 1945.

Required Readings

Additional Readings

Lesson 5: The Cold War and the Limits of US Power
US power is challenged in China, Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, and Indonesia, whikle the USSR stakes its claim in eastern Europe.


Cuba Missile Crisis

Cuban Missile Crisis: Watch Newsreel: The Cuban Crisis, 1962/10/25  on YouTube. 

President Kennedy's Address

and President Kennedy's address to the Nation JFK'S "CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS" SPEECH (10/22/62) Note particularly Kennedy's very scary plans for what the US would do at about the 9:30 minute mark and beyond and the tone of his address to the nation that clearly conveyed the possibility of imminent nuclear war.  

Suez Crisis - 1956 _NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Hungarian Revolution in 2 minutes