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PLS 233 US Foreign Policy since 1945: Welcome

This guide has the syllabus resources for Mr. Jack D. Segal's class US Foreign Policy since 1945.

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PLS 233 - U.S. Foreign Policy Since 1945

 After serving in the Army in Vietnam and Germany, I pursued my B.A. and my M.A. through night school and  eventually at the University of Southern California's Graduate School in Germany.  I passed the Foreign Service Officer exam and became a U.S. diplomat.  My overseas assignments included Botswana, Greece, Israel, the Soviet Union and Russia, and the Geneva arms control talks.  In the U.S., I served in intelligence and policy positions at the State Department and ultimately at the White House.  I then became the Political Advisor to the NATO Commander, dealing primarily with Afghanistan, piracy, Ukraine and the former Soviet Union states, counter-narcotics and NATO enlargement. 

My goal is to help you evaluate what goes into the actual practice of foreign policy - How do decisions get made? How do policy makers get their information and how do they actually make decisions?  For the past 15 or so years, I've been in a position to advise Presidents, Generals and other senior leaders and to make some decisions myself.  If you're interested in a diplomatic career or if you just want to become a more knowledgeable citizen, I hope this course will be useful. 

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