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Humanities: HUM 101: Introduction to Humanities

Library and internet resources for students taking Intro to Humanities

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 Limit your search to educational or government websites by adding "" or "" to your search string.


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Searching for Full-Text of an Article

If you are having trouble getting to the full text of an article in a library database:

  1. Google the article title in quotation marks.  It may be online.
  2. Call/email/text the library.  We'll find it for you.

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Can I Use Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a great starting place for your research to get the background, important names and dates, and ideas for further exploration.  However, because the quality and reliability of research varies widely from article to article, Wikipedia is not an acceptable source for scholarly research.  Many Wikipedia articles include citations that can be used to find more infomation and as good sources for your project.

If you have questions about whether a source is reliable, ask your instructor or a librarian.