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Website Evaluation

Websites are a great resesarch tool, but it is important in academic research to only use quailty webistes. Review these website evaluation criteria.


  •  Who is the website author?  Is contact information provided?  Are qualifications given?


  • Is the site promoting a particular perspective on the topic?  Is the information one-sided? Who is the intended audience?


  • Is the information presented supported by references and citations? Is the topic discussed thoroughly and completely?


  • Date when the site was create and date when last updated.

Domain Name

  • Government (.gov) and Education (.edu) sites are usually legitmate as they are associated with reputable institutions.
  • Organization (.org) and Network (.net) sites are sometimes usable, but evaluation is vital as they may be biased.
  • Commerical (.com) sites are sometimes geared toward selling a product or service.

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