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Health Occupations: STAT!Ref Mobile App

nursing and dental research resources

1. Create a My STAT!Ref User Account

Note: setting up your user account cannot be done on a mobile device

Start by clicking the My STAT!Ref link

Enter an email address. The email address you enter becomes your User Name
Click the: No, I want to create a My STAT!Ref account.
Click the: Log in/Create Account button


Enter your information in the short form
Create and confirm a password
Click the Create Account button

2. Activate Your My STAT!Ref Login

Click the Temporary Login Account tab

Click the Activate/Renew button

Side note about a temporary login: activating the “Temporary Login Account” provides you the ability to log in to NMC's STAT!Ref subscription on your mobile device. This account will be the same as a “My STAT!Ref” account. The “My STAT!Ref” email address and password become a login account, temporarily. Temporary Login Accounts expire 90 days from initial setup

3. Enable Your Login for Your Mobile Device

Note: You'll need your user account name and password
On your mobile device click on the STAT!Ref app
Enter your your User Name (your email address) and the password you used to create your My STAT!Ref account
You have now enabled your app

Renewing & More Help on STAT!Ref Mobile App

Your temporary login account needs to be renewed periodically to continue using the mobile app. The renewal cannot be done from a mobile device.

To renew your login, use a computer and connect to the library's STAT!Ref database, log into your My STAT!Ref account and follow the instructions to get to the Temporary Login Account tab and Renew the login account.