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Northwestern Michigan College Archives: Sports History

This guide will give you better access to NMC’s Archives.


This basketball from 1957-58 was ranked 13th in the nation for a few weeks. Teams traveled all over the state, and into Indiana.

NMC Basketball was from 1953-1971.  Then it was Intramural Basketball that they played.


Golf Team 1961

NMC had a Golf Team 1954-1969.


Bowling Club 1962-63


Baseball Team 1965

NMC Baseball Team was active in the 1960s.


Tennis Team 1959

NMC had a Tennis Team from 1954-1969. Physical Education Director, Nick Rajkovich, is shown on left.

Women's Basketball

This was the Women's Basketball Team for 1980.

Cross Country

1963 Track & Field


1967 Walt Beardslee's X-Country Team at the TC Country Club

NMC Cross Country was from 1954 until the early 1970's


Cheerleaders 1954 (Sock Hop)


NMC sports teams had cheerleaders from 1954 until the early 1970s. Their uniforms were red skirts & white wool sweaters.