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Northwestern Michigan College Archives: NMC Publications

This guide will give you better access to NMC’s Archives.


Campus Staff 1961

There were Yearbooks from 1951-1983.

As you see they come in a variety of colors.

This is Dspace.  Many Yearbooks are here. Look to right if you do not find what you are looking for.

Mark Osterlin Library from the 1962 yearbook


Magazine Staff from 1985

Magazines 1961 - 2002

NMC Magazine Unbound, Fall 2000, Volume 21

NMC Magazine, May 1985, Volume 4, Issue 4


The Archives houses a collection of NMC magazines from 1961 to the present.



Nor'Wester staff of  1954-1955.

The NMC newspaper was called The Reporter when it first started.

This is the June 5, 1952 issue.

NMC Newspaper transitioned to the Nor'Wester in 1955.

This is the May 1957 issue.

The NMC newspaper took a break from 1974 -1982.  It came back as the White Pine Press.

This is the September 25, 2008 issue.