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Anatomy and Physiology: Home

Resources related to A&P both in and through the NMC Osterlin Library.

A&P Models in the Library

Models are available at the Reference Desk.


They are for In Library Use Only.


·         Bag of Human Bones 

·         Chromosones 

·         Circulatory System

·         Digestive System

·         Disarticulated Human Half Skeleton

·         Eyeball

·         Female Sex Organs

·         5th Cervical Vertebra with Spinal Cord and Origin of Nerves

·         Heart

·         Human Ear

·         Human Brain

·         Human Skull

·         Kidney, Nephron and Kidney Corpuscle

·         Male Muscle

·         Male Pelvis

·         Medium Section of the Female Pelvis

·         Medium Section of Human Head

·         2 microscopes

·         Model of the Knee Joint

·         Muscular Figure

·         Slides

·         Spinal Cord

·         Torso & Book

·         Ventricular System of the human brain



Resources for A & P Research Paper

Library Liaison

Mary Beeker
NMC Osterlin Library
1701 E. Front Street
Traverse City, MI 49686
Office: (231) 995-1015
Reference Desk: (231) 995-1540