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ENG 112: English Composition: Credible Sources Cheat Sheet

Fact Checking Tools

Liberal Sources

Liberal Sources                   

Access: Osterlin print magazines, web and  databases
Focus: A
rticles on politics, science, education, the arts, entertainment and business for a well-educated, politically active audience.

Mother Jones
Access: Osterlin print magazines, web and  databases
Focus: A
rticles dealing with national news, investigative reporting, commentary, the arts as well as articles on health, the environment and book reviews.

Access: Osterlin print magazines, web and  databases
Focus: Economics, education, foreign policy, labor, law and other social issues, literature and the arts.

New Republic
Access: Osterlin print magazines, web and  databases
Focus: Articles in the format of reports and essays, with topics ranging from politics and economics to literature and cinema.

Rolling Stone
Access: Osterlin print magazines, web and  databases
Focus:  P
opular culture especially  music and political reporting

Utne Reader: The Best of the Alternative Press
Access: Osterlin print magazines, web and databases
Focus: A
 digest of materials reprinted from alternative and independent media.

Liberal Think Tanks

Neutral Sources

Neutral Sources 

(Neutral moving toward left leaning)

Access: Osterlin print magazines, web and  databases
Focus: A literary magazine covering the arts, the economy, foreign affairspolitical science, and technology. It has had no pay walls via its website since 2008.

Access: Osterlin print magazines, web and  databases
Focus: A weekly newsmagazine of world politics and current affairs, business, finance and science published in London, England.

Access: Osterlin print magazines, web and  databases
Focus: News and commentary on developments in the nation and the world.

Pacific Standard
Access: Osterlin print magazines and web
Focus: Public policy, administration, behavioral and social sciences issues.

Time Magazine
Access: Osterlin print magazines, web and  databases
Focus: National and international news, behavior, books, business, cinema, law, education, environment, modern living, music, nation, press, religion, theater, video and world.

Neutral- Independent Think Tanks

Conservative Think Tanks

Think Tanks



Although newspapers are considered to be neutral sources of information, be careful of opinion/editorial pieces that are usually persuasive pieces of writing. 

New York Times (left leaning)   

Wall Street Journal  (right leaning)   

Washington Post   

San Francisco Chronicle 

Chronicle of Higher Education

USA Today     

Chicago Tribune     

Daily News (New York)     

Boston Herald   

Boston Globe  

Los Angeles Times

Radio/Web News Sources

Liberal:         MSNBC    CNN    Huffington Post 
Neutral:        BBC       NPR (accused of liberal tendencies)
Conservative: FOX 
Satirical:       The Onion (This is not news.)