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ENG 111: English Composition: Rhetorical Situation

What is the "Rhetorical Situation?"

"The Rhetorical Situation" by the University of Maryland, Baltimore Writing Center
Writing does not exist in a vacuum. Like all communication, writing exists as an interaction among three elements: the audience, the writer, and the issue. These elements are known collectively as the rhetorical situation.

"What Aristotle and Joshua Bell Can Teach Us About Persuasion" by TED-Ed
Imagine you are one of the world's greatest violin players, and you decide to conduct an experiment: play inside a subway station and see if anyone stops to appreciate when you are stripped of a concert hall and name recognition. Joshua Bell did this, and Conor Neill channels Aristotle to understand why the context mattered.

Websites for Rhetorical Analysis

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How to Evaluate a Website

"Credible Websites?" by Hartness LibraryLearn about evaluating websites.

Tips and Tricks for Evaluating Web Sites from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign