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ENG 111: English Composition: Find Background Information

Current Periodicals

Popular magazines often address the ethical issues of modern life. Browse these sites for ideas and different viewpoints.

Search Government Reports and Statistics

By adding "" to the beginning of a Google search, you've narrowed your search results to federal, state, and local government sources.

For example, to find government reports and statistics about homelessness in Michigan, you could search: michigan homelessness.

Video Introduction to Government Documents

Featured Database: Credo Reference

Credo Logo

Credo Reference is a collection of over 700 reference books that offer background information on a wide variety of subjects.

You'll be most successful if you use only one or two keywords when searching Credo Reference.

Finding Speeches

Weekly Sift -- has all of the 2016 stump speeches

Iowa Public Radio -- has stump speeches from Iowa State Fair campaign launches


Academic Search Elite -- library database that lets you narrow search results to speeches, and by year (fewer keywords will give more results)


Vital Speeches of the Day -- journal that prints important speeches


AP Videos -- contextualizes speeches for you, plays the speech visual and audio, and gives the transcript"

The Public Speaking and Speeches Research Guide has links to sources for speeches and fact-checking websites.

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Suggested Local News Sources