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Updated and Republished by Professor Jerry Dobek

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Phases of the Earth

Moon Tracker


Aurora Forecast

All About Hubble

Our Solar System

The Sun

Coronal Mass Ejection, Composite Photo, Colorized to Show UV Light 


False Color Image taken by Messenger's Wide Angle Camera, 2008 


Photographed in Ultra-Violet Light by Pioneer Venus Orbiter 


Composite Image Taken from VIIRS instrument on the Earth-Observing Satellite Suomi NPP

Earth's Moon

Mosaic from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, Nearside of the Moon


Mosaic of Mars composed of Images from Viking Orbiter


Asteroid Ida with its Moon, Dactyl, Enhanced Color Image

Meteors and Meteorites

From the Perseid Meteor Shower, 2004, as seen in Japan.


True Color mosaic of Jupiter Created with images taken by NASA's Cassini spacecraft


Mosaic of Saturn Composed of Red, Blue, and Green Images Taken from Cassini Spacecraft


Composite Image of Uranus from Keck II, Artificially Colored to Highlight Details and Rings


Composite Image of Neptune Taken Through Green and Orange Filters from Voyager 2

Dwarf Planets: Pluto

Enhanced Color Image of Pluto Taken from New Horizons Spacecraft

A Matter of Scale

Scale of the Universe

Videos to Help Understand Astronomical Scales -  From Khan Academy

To Scale: The Solar System

Video Showing Our Solar System to Scale

Life-Cycle of a Star

The Life Cycle of a Star

Article from

The Life Cycle of Stars

Video from the Institute of Physics

The Universe - Life and Death of a Star

A Discovery Science Documentary

Where Do Baby Stars Come From?

Astronomy Cast Archive

Where Do Stars Go When They Die?

Astronomy Cast Archive

Tools & Tutorials

Stellar Distance Using Parallax

Khan Academy Video Tutorial on Parallax

The Apple, the Moon, and the Inverse Square Law

Universal Gravitation Lesson on Circular Motion and Satellite Motion from

Ask me!

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Local Astronomy

Rogers Observatory

Located on South of NMC's Main Campus, in Traverse City, MI

Leelanau County

Lanphier Observatory

Part of Leelanau School


Astronomy Clubs available throughout Michigan

Clear Sky Chart

Clear Sky Chart for Traverse City Area

Astronomy's Influence

Article on the influence of observational astronomy on the writing of Shakespeare; review of Dan Falk's The Science of Shakespeare

The Influence of Astronomy on Mathematics; JSTOR Article

Astronomical Fun

Make Your Own Star Chart

Printable star chart in PDF format with assembly instructions

Astronomy Blog from

Blog by Phil Plait - Includes plenty of imagery, video, and assorted hotlinks

How to Build a Cereal Box Spectrometer

Step-by-step instructions using simple materials